Commodity Bitcoin


Private Ledgers

Private ledgers created directly from newly minted coins.

Bitcoin as a commodity.

Private ledgers are defined as ring-fenced sections of the public ledger, enabling one party to exclusively control and manage all resources (Satoshis) within that section of the public blockchain.

Elas provides a managed service to handle the sourcing of these satoshis for our customers, and we believe sourcing the right resources to build our customers ledgers is of the utmost importance and makes a difference.

Impeccable provenance.

We created some tools to make it possible to build private ledgers directly from newly minted coins.

Our methods for the creation of private ledgers with the only coins that have impeachable provenance as the coins used to form the ledgers provide a starting point with no history on the blockchain that have never been tainted by prior transactions.


Unparalleled perfection

Satoshis can be used as a flexible medium of record. Whether it is for financial instruments, legal contracts or ordinals, using Private Ledgers from Coinbase Outputs will give you a clear advantage and peace of mind over your competitors.

Unimpeachable Provenance

Ledgers are created directly from newly minted coins, ensuring your brand new Bitcoins are perfect and never tainted by prior transactions.

Zero History

The starting point of your ledger will have an anchor point on the blockchain that no previous history.

Private Zone

All activity within the ledger will be sequestered in its own treasury and it is it's own compartmentalized zone on the public blockchain.

Full Control

Control strictly the parameters of the resources you use to be from known sources hat are being used in your ledger for your lifetime.


New satoshis are minted every 10 minute block


Transactions representing utility can be processed over the lifetime


The average cost (USD) of a Bitcoin transaction

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