Jul 27, 2021

Blockchain in Tuvalu at CoinGeek Zurich


You can watch the interview here.

Tuvalu and “Blockchain in Tuvalu” have drawn attention from supporters as well as skeptics in the last year. The team consists of Faiā, Elas, and nChain, and the government of Tuvalu, which made exciting announcements at the Coingeek conference in Zurich. Simon Kofe, Tuvalu’s Minister for Justice, Communications and Foreign Affairs, George Siosi Samuels of Faiā Corporation, Brendan Lee of Elas Digital, and Simit Naik of nChain were on the panel, which Jimmy Nguyen moderated.

They revealed that a national citizenship registry and a potential digital cash solution would be the first two prototypes in 2021-22 on the BSV blockchain. The first one will digitize the paper-based registry and processing applications from potential Tuvaluan citizens born and living abroad. And the digital cash solution will bring some respite to Tuvaluans, who depend on physical Australian dollar bills to manage their day-to-day expenses. There are no ATMs and there is a shortage of banks on the island. Naik said the two main prototypes might be ready in the next 10-12 months.


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