May 6, 2021

CGConversations: Tuvalu will show the world what’s possible with Bitcoin SV


You can watch the interview here.

Tuvalu may be the fourth smallest country in the world, but it hasn’t let that get in the way of its giant ambitions.

The island nation announced in December 2020 that it plans to create the world’s first national digital ledger, using Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain technology.

The plan is to migrate to a completely digital infrastructure, with Tuvalu choosing BSV for its scalability and efficiency. The news has already made waves in the BSV ecosystem but could it go further and show the world what can be done on BSV?

One of those behind the project, Brendan Lee, CEO of Elas, certainly thinks so. He told Charles Miller, on this week’s episode of CoinGeek Conversations that he is confident the project will be an “eye-opener to other people who are looking in, at just what’s possible when you use Bitcoin in this way.”


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